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This page is designed for all people from West Central Alberta, to have a link to Powers Enterprises services, local and national news and a host of other cool stuff.

To offset the higher usage requirements and reduce the overages for our customers, we are increasing the monthly usage on our packages. There is no increase in price to any of our customers, it is simply a way for us to keep our prices for service in-line with the market and reduce The overages and excessive book work we have been doing.

Please do not change your packages unless absolutely sure of your usage, as for accounting sake, we can no longer forgive overages or change packages in the course of the current month. Though we will continue to help our customers at every turn; it is simply overwhelming us with accounting, billing and errors. The changes to packages are available here http://www.pentnet.net/Inet.html
Need a new computer ?
Remember we do have an End User Portal (EUP), we encourage you to have us set up for your account. It allows you to see all previous billing, receipts and pay on line as well as purchase more data for those unforeseen occations.